12 Jul 2007

Day Fourteen: The Only Way Is Up

After waking from yet another weird dream, this time involving horse racing, and a quick shower, the meditation went better today. There were at least a few periods where I was focused on the flame for a little while, and I “caught myself” quicker when I wandered off. I’m still regularly plagued by music, thoughts […]

11 Jul 2007

Day Thirteen: Not much in the way of progress

Another day, another fifteen minutes sitting in front of a candle whilst thinking about random other things. That was after starting the day with yet another odd dream, this one involving playing with big fluid magnets and finding out that there was a big chunk of metal embedded in my body. Then followed another day with […]

10 Jul 2007

Day Twelve: What Dreams May Come

Here’s a question: am I finding it so difficult to get out of bed in the mornings since I started the meditation… because I’m sleeping more deeply as a side-effect of the meditation? because I’m not sleeping so well as a side-effect of the meditation? because I’ve reorganised my morning routine so I dive into […]

9 Jul 2007

Quick Link

In one of those interesting bits of synchronicity, I just tripped over the zenhabits blog, where a blog entry about how to change your habits by Scott Young advises “Thirty days is all you need to make a habit change permanent. Less time than that and the new alternative might not be hardwired into your […]

9 Jul 2007

Quick Day Ten Catchup, and Day Eleven

Day Ten, Sunday, didn’t go well on the meditation front. I stayed with friends after a wedding reception on Saturday night, and waking up at their place, I didn’t even think of meditating. After having lunch with them, I came home and found myself astonishingly tired and drained of energy. I’m not sure why; I […]