3 Jul 2007

Day Five: Tired as a Tired Thing

Ugh. So, I went to bed earlier than usual tonight, and had trouble this morning dragging myself out of an odd dream (involving a hotel room, like the last time, but this one was about the battle for a contract between two rival mobile phone companies. I’ve probably been exposed to too much iPhone hype […]

2 Jul 2007

Day Four: Maybe just a touch of progress

I’m going to do this “bass ackwards”, as I heard one of the guys on the Mac Geek Gab podcast put it once. This morning’s experience first: Not too bad. I remembered to drag myself out of bed and straight into the shower — waking from a very bizarre dream indeed about a long-term stay in a […]

1 Jul 2007

A Quick Observation on Music

Just a quick additional note: Just like books and films, I’ve been neglecting music over the last few years. There were times in my youth where I’d just sit down and listen to an entire album, start to finish, just listening. I think a lot of people lose this ability — or the time to do it, […]

1 Jul 2007

Day Three: Sneezing Gadfly

I slipped easily back into my usual Sunday routine this morning, only remembering that I was supposed to meditate when I was in the bath. What I was doing in the bath was reading, and there now follows a small digression about books: In the bath, I finished reading a Raymond Chandler novel that I’ve been reading […]

30 Jun 2007

Day Two: Fifteen minute solo

Yowser. That was difficult. My first difficulty was actually getting around to the meditation. I put it off quite a bit this morning, and it was more than an hour after I got up that I got around to it. Just before I was about to start, I wanted to find a countdown timer application on […]