Days Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen: Weekend Catchup

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This will of necessity be a short catchup, as I have a lot to do after a weekend away…

The hen party was great, but not entirely conducive to meditation. I didn’t drink, which probably saved my life, but there still wasn’t a lot of time for quiet contemplation. I did, however, try to meditate on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning, because I ended up with a penthouse flat to myself for a while.

I say try, however, because I didn’t do very well. As you’ve read, it’s not been going brilliantly at the best of times, and trying to meditate in the noise of central Bath (on a Saturday night, the music, cars, screaming and sirens mostly drown out the seagulls, but not quite) probably isn’t easy at the best of times. As it was, I was in unfamiliar surroundings and running on very little sleep and had done an awful lot that my mind wanted to think about.

So, not good. But at least I tried, and managed to get in maybe ten minutes of trying each day.

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