22 Jul 2007

Days 23 and 24: On flying and walking

Saturday: Yesterday was mostly a day of tiredness and lack of focus. Rather too late I pulled together enough sense to try to turn it around, and took a nap that lasted somewhere between half an hour and an hour (using an interesting little program called pzizz.) After that I was a bit groggy for […]

21 Jul 2007

Days Twenty Two and Twenty Three: Useless and distracted, and tangentially impacted by flooding…

Friday: I woke from two very strange dreams, one very early in the morning, maybe between 4 and 5am, and then the second when my alarm went off. Unfortunately that’s all I can tell you about them: they were strange. By the time I was in the shower, all detail had been forgotten. I’ve put […]

19 Jul 2007

Day Twenty One: On Walking and Ego

Good news and bad news today.  Bad first: this morning’s session wasn’t good; there was a lot of ego-based thoughts, little wish-fulfilment aren’t‑I-great fantasies that drew me away from the meditation.  That was when I wasn’t thinking about the meditation rather than actually getting on and meditating.  The only good thing was that I didn’t […]

18 Jul 2007

Day 20: Coming unblocked

The morning meditation was interesting this morning. I tried counting the breaths, which worked quite well for a while; I got as far as forty-something before my thoughts drifted for long enough to lose count. But it was a tried morning; I think I drank coffee too late last night, and I had real trouble […]

18 Jul 2007

Day Nineteen: Tired & Droopy-Eyed

This is going to be a very quick catchup, as I’m still a day behind with my blogging :) Monday’s meditation session was another sleepy one, unfortunately, and I didn’t seem to be able to keep still. I’ve now looked out my copy of David Fontana’s excellent The Meditator’s Handbook, which I’ll be raiding for tips later […]