Day Fourteen: The Only Way Is Up

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After waking from yet another weird dream, this time involving horse racing, and a quick shower, the meditation went better today. There were at least a few periods where I was focused on the flame for a little while, and I “caught myself” quicker when I wandered off.

I’m still regularly plagued by music, thoughts about writing this blog, thoughts about work, and so on, but these occasional better days help me feel that it’s worth continuing the experiment.

The dreams really are an interesting change. I really can’t remember the last time I had such a run of remembering dreams, and such odd and vivid ones, at that. And it’s not like I’m making massive changes to my life, really — just trying to meditate for 15 minutes every morning. And that’s really about the only thing that’s changed. If it isn’t just some bizarre coincidence, and there is a link, then it’s odd that such a small length of time doing something I’m not even vaguely good at yet would make such waves.

Anyway. There may be a couple of days’ gap on the blogging front now; I’ll still be trying to meditate, but I have such a busy weekend coming up that I doubt I’ll be able to write much down. I’ll try to catch up whenever I can.

In other news, I’m considering changing my daily routine around to help give me specific time to write when I’m actually awake and at my best, i.e. in the morning. I work flexi-time, and I’m considering changing my patterns from 8:30am-4pm to 10:00am‑5:30pm. This would give me an extra hour and a half in the mornings, which I could use to write.

Actually, that might be too drastic, and more time that I can fill with my imagination in its current state, so perhaps I could just go for changing by a half-hour. Committing to write for a half-hour every morning shouldn’t be too much of a killer, and neither should getting out of work a half hour later. I walk, so it’s not as if I have to time my day around the traffic.

Right. Enough blogging for the day. Now I have to go do a ton of stuff before House comes on :)

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