13 Jun 2014

Anker Kindle Paperwhite Case Review

My elderly Kindle “Keyboard” started having battery issues just before a recent trip to Crete, so I nipped into John Lewis and picked up a shiny new second generation Kindle Paperwhite. I didn’t want to fork out for an expensive cover while I was there, though, so I used a Jiffy bag to protect the […]

1 Feb 2014

New Toy

New Toy

I think I first heard about the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens from Marco Arment. Wherever I heard about it, I’m glad I did. Mine arrived in the post this morning, so I slipped this lightweight, ultra-small prime onto my 60D and headed out to take a few test shots. So far, I’d say […]

12 Jan 2014

Obsolete Paper

Obsolete Paper

It’s Spring. Or it feels like it, anyway. So I’m pruning my (paper book) library, picking out anything from the shelves that I’ll never read again, or that has no sentimental value, and chucking it into a cardboard box to be taken to a charity shop. Sadly, though, there are some books that shouldn’t even […]

9 Nov 2013

Trace/BPT trap: 5 when accessing SystemVersion.plist in Mavericks

If you’re reading this blog entry because you’re a subscriber, I’d stop now and skip this one. Unless you’re extremely geeky. This is more of a public service announcement to anyone who’s installed OSX 10.9 and Xcode 5, and finds themselves oddly unable to compile even the simplest program using the command-line tools, from gcc […]

22 Jul 2013

Command-Backslash not working with the 1Password Safari Extension?

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For us old-school keyboard-lovers, 1Password’s Safari extension provides a handy shortcut: pressing Cmd-\ activates the extension. If you’ve found this doesn’t work on your Mac (it worked fine on my Air, but not on my iMac), it’s probably a conflict with another keyboard shortcut. Head into System Preferences→Keyboard and check through the Keyboard Shortcuts for […]