Command-Backslash not working with the 1Password Safari Extension?

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Mac, OSX, tips | No Comments

For us old-school keyboard-lovers, 1Password’s Safari extension provides a handy shortcut: pressing Cmd-\ activates the extension.

If you’ve found this doesn’t work on your Mac (it worked fine on my Air, but not on my iMac), it’s probably a conflict with another keyboard shortcut. Head into System Preferences→Keyboard and check through the Keyboard Shortcuts for a conflicting assignment.

In my case, it was DEVONagent Pro’s “Lookup” shortcut in the Services menu that was causing the problem. A quick untick and my problem was solved.

I’m guessing this particular conflict might bite a few other people — I think DEVONagent came bundled with Macs when I bought my first one — so I figured I’d mention it here. And whether you’ve got a conflict or not, it’s worth knowing about the 1Password keyboard shortcut if you use the extension…

Keyboard Preferences

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