20 Oct 2014

Review Corner: RAVPower 5‑in‑1 FileHub

Review Corner: RAVPower 5‑in‑1 FileHub

Last night I was out in town. I reached into my pocket for my iPhone, and experienced that sinking feeling. You know: your hand closes on your phone and you realise it’s pretty much red hot. Then you pull it out and find that some app’s been showing a video preview of the interior of […]

10 Sep 2014

Review Corner: RAVPower RP-UC07 4‑Port USB Charger

Review Corner: RAVPower RP-UC07 4‑Port USB Charger

As a geek, I used to struggle with the problem of charging multiple USB devices. Then I became a mobile app developer, and the situation got about eight times worse. I’ve tried to make things tidier here and there, but I still have a plethora of multi-sockets and wall warts around the place, and they’re […]

13 Jun 2014

Anker Kindle Paperwhite Case Review

My elderly Kindle “Keyboard” started having battery issues just before a recent trip to Crete, so I nipped into John Lewis and picked up a shiny new second generation Kindle Paperwhite. I didn’t want to fork out for an expensive cover while I was there, though, so I used a Jiffy bag to protect the […]

5 Mar 2013

Screenflow and Flowtility

I’ve owned Telestream’s Screenflow for a while. It’s an excellent screen capture app for the Mac, and seems to be the one most people recommend for recording screencasts. Until recently, I’d never given it a full workout. Mostly I was just recording the screen and throwing the barely-edited results up on YouTube to show people how to […]

13 Apr 2011

Review: TrendyDigital Waterguard Plus Kindle 3 Case

I have a couple of things in common with the late Douglas Adams. Unfortunately, those couple of things aren’t a talent for fiction and a substantial collection of expensive guitars. No, instead I share his passion for technology and his love of taking very long baths1. I’ve now combined those two interests, by buying the […]