Small Improvements

12/30 in my September photo-a-day.

Well, they can’t all be artistic photos. One thing I’ve been doing to keep my sanity as the work-from-home months have progressed is to regularly re-visit my setup and see if it can be improved.

I don’t always have the money to make any major upgrades — I’m still umming and ahhing over a bigger/second monitor — but sometimes I can make small improvements.

Today I replaced the cable on the extension socket that I’ve been using with a longer one, so I don’t have to have it plugged into another extension cable just to reach the desk, and then I screwed it onto the underside of the desk so it’s not lying around cluttering the floor up. £7.99 for 5 metres of good quality 13-amp cable, including postage. Thank you, eBay…

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