Day Seven: Same mind, different day.

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In a strange turnabout from the past couple of days, last night I didn’t sleep very well, and kept on waking up and not drifting off again for ages. I also had yet another struggle getting out of bed — I wonder if there’s an unconscious desire not to get up and get on with my changed morning routine of immediate-shower-then-meditate? Could be.

But the completion of the turnabout has been that I’ve not felt particularly tired today. Odd, but nice.

This morning’s meditation session started late, and was very fitful and distracted. This wasn’t helped by my upstairs neighbour’s wake-up rock music starting about five minutes in. Still, I can avoid that by dragging my arse out of bed on time in future, as she gets up quite late compared with me, normally.

What was distracting me? Well, the usual random ten-a-minute thoughts, plus a couple of worries about personal stuff; there are some outstanding things in my personal life that could do with sorting out. But there was nothing I could possibly have done about them during the time of the meditation session, so they were fairly pointless intrusions.

I’m a bit sad that I haven’t seen more progress so far, but really, it’s only day seven. Tomorrow will be an evening meditation class, but I’m also going to do the usual morning meditation to help keep the habit developing.

I’ve not done any writing yet today, either. I’m going to do at least a quarter of an hour of free writing right now, because this experiment is just as much about the writing as the meditation — concentrating on writing is a more long-term kind of focus, really.

Anyway. I suppose this is the end of week one. I’m hoping week two will show me some definite improvements…

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