Day 32: Not Quite the Monthly Review

Posted by on Jul 30, 2007 in Meditation | No Comments

Today’s morning meditation session didn’t go well at all; too tired, still, too much processing to do from the weekend, generally just too drifty and droopy-eyed.

As for the month-end review, I’ve let myself off the hook for today. I noticed that my first meditation entry said that I’d give myself until the end of July, and considering that I’m still running on too little sleep, I’m going to postpone my review until tomorrow or Wednesday.

That being said, I figured I should at least give a framework for the review. What I want by the end of my review of the month is:

To know whether I’m going to continue with meditation, and why
To find out what the recurring themes of the month are
Some rules for helping myself meditate
Any rules for life in general that seem to have occurred as a result of my practice
How often/how much I’m going to blog about meditation in the future

That’s what occurs to me at the moment, anyway. I’ll leave it in the back of my mind, and also see what pops unexpectedly up when I get around to reading back the story so far…

Now I’m going to finish this (decaf) coffee and try a walking meditation on my way home from the Watershed.

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