23 Mar 2012

Make Life Easier with Photography Support Apps

Last Friday morning, my friend Jess tweeted about the humungous superyacht that’s currently lurking in Bristol Harbour (clearly a James Bond villain is in town.) There was lots of activity in the harbour – tugs moving, the Harbour Master zipping around, that sort of thing. Could it be moving out of the harbour today? If […]

30 Apr 2011

A Year of DailyBooth

It’s been about a year since I started using DailyBooth to take a snapshot of myself. I’ve not kept it up every day, but yesterday I hit the 300 photo mark. As luck would have it, my friend Jose mentioned Pummelvision to me over lunch today. Pummelvision is a service that creates videos from still photos, […]

1 Jul 2010

WordPress Twenty Ten Theme Flower Header

The new WordPress 3 comes with a pretty nice default theme, Twenty Ten. I predict this will be just as successful as the previous Kubrick default, i.e. all over the web, pretty soon, as will its eight default header graphics. If you want your blog to look at least a bit different from everyone else’s, […]

25 Oct 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP8 Camera Review

Today I review the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP8. NB: This is a long post, but I prefer putting everything on one page to forcing people to click on “next” links all the time.

20 Jan 2009

Creativity and the Commons

I’ve just come back from snowboarding. In the stack of post waiting for me on the doormat was a couple of copies of Sullem Voe’s new CD All Naked Flames. Rory, the artist behind Sullem Voe, had used one of my Creative Commons Flickr images for the album art. Not only did I get a […]