7 Jun 2008

Quick Picture Update

I’ve updated the Photos page following my recent visit to Islay and subsequent Flickr flood. Also includes a couple of pictures of my guitar :) 

22 Apr 2008

Quick Photo Update

Just updated with a few recent photos for the photos page.

15 Feb 2008

Guessing Game

So, you’ll never guess which day one of my pictures (unfortunately not a very good one, but hey…) was featured on Boing Boing, would you?

6 Jan 2008

New Favourite Photos

Just refreshed the photo page to pick up some of my more recent favourites.

29 Nov 2007

Another two photos used

Two more of my Creative Commons-licensed photos got used this week, for very different purposes. First off, one of my photos of St. Mary Redcliffe is going to be used in the next issue of the journal of the Society for Church Archaeology. And today’s entry on the oil pipeline explosion in Minnesota in Steve […]