Photo Project: Cafe Signs

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Photo Project: Cafe Signs

Back in June 2011, I posted the first picture to my Cafe Signs blog. Back then the blog was called Cafe Typography. I was just starting to learn a bit about the web and type design, and the writing on cafe signs had started to interest me.


It turned out to be one of those hobbies that stuck. The blog has quite a few pictures on it now. Really:

Many, many cafe signs.

I’ve had the occasional contributor (thanks!) but I shot the vast majority of the photos.

There’s very little pressure — a picture of a cafe A board on a high street is hard to turn into high art, so I mostly just try to take a decent snap and move on.


It’s pretty much the perfect hobby: it gently interests me for no particular reason, it’s basically free, and it helps me to notice the world around me. And as there are cafes anywhere and everywhere, I usually carry a camera with me, which is a helpful habit to build.

I’ll soon pass 500 posts on the blog — fifty pages full of cafe signage — so I figured this was a good time to acknowledge this quirky little habit of mine. I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon.



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