Everyday Carry

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Everyday Carry

Today I was very glad of the little photo-a-day project I’ve been doing. If I hadn’t been making sure to take a photo every day, I probably wouldn’t have bothered taking the little Fujifilm X100T out with me when I nipped1 up to Clifton Village to buy bread.

Here’s one of the photos from my bread-buying trip, which turned into an extra hour of photo expedition when I found out the Avon Gorge was full to the brim with spectacular fog:

Clifton Suspension Bridge, swathed in fog

So. There are definite unexpected bonuses of forcing yourself to take a photo every day, it seems…

I’ll also be doing my usual “best photo of the month” roundup at the end of the year. It’s always nice when you’ve got a decent photo in the bag on the first of the month!

  1. okay, huffed and puffed []
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