A Quick Observation on Music

Posted by on Jul 1, 2007 in Meditation | No Comments

Just a quick additional note: Just like books and films, I’ve been neglecting music over the last few years. There were times in my youth where I’d just sit down and listen to an entire album, start to finish, just listening. I think a lot of people lose this ability — or the time to do it, perhaps.Again, like with the books and the films, I’ve got quite a few albums where I’ve bought them, but not got around to listening to them. I think I’m going to try making an effort to do this.This will hopefully help with my concentration. I spend a fair bit of time with musical “wallpaper” on in the background. I think it’s time to stop multitasking and start paying attention to it. Maybe I can recapture some of the love for music that I felt in my youth.

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