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Yesterday I turned forty one.

Last year, a few days before my birthday, I went on a long walk around Bristol and Leigh Woods in the fresh snow. The walk through the woods was so lovely that I’ve decided to try turning it into a birthday tradition.

Yesterday there was no snow, so I decided to explore a bit of the woods I’ve never been to before, the furthest corner, near Leigh Court. I knew there was an arboretum around there, with some pretty funky trees in it.

It was a lovely walk, three or four hours all told, and it included a break to drink some Lapsang Souchong from a Thermos under a Giant Redwood that was planted in 1860.

It was damn nice. If you live in Bristol and you’ve not been to Leigh Woods, or not explored all of it, I recommend going and having a poke around. There’s a downloadable map on the website that can be handy for some of the less well-marked trails.

Giant Redwood

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