White Funnel Fleet Sailings 1965

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White Funnel Fleet Sailings 1965

I started getting more interested in (very) local history when I started my One Mile Matt project. One of the things that fascinated me was the history of P & A Campbell’s White Funnel Fleet, which used to sail from very near me in Hotwells. I’ve always loved taking pictures of the vestiges of this paddle-steamer enterprise in Bristol, especially of the old landing stage at the end of the Hotwell Road. (Here’s a historical postcard of a paddle steamer there in its heyday.)

I also found out that I’ve passed their old head offices, the Britannia Buildings (apparently named after what was then the newest ship in their fleet), thousands of times without realising it, as it’s on my usual walking route to and from the city centre.

Anyway. This piqued my interest enough that I’ve just bought an old flyer of theirs listing their sailing schedule from the Hotwells landing stage for July to October 1965. I found it pretty fascinating, so I’m popping some high-resolutions versions of it here on the web for anyone else who’s interested. Bear in mind these are reasonably large files!

Hear are two high resolution JPEGs, one for the front of the flyer and one for the back, plus a PDF document which is in lower resolution but has both front and back and has also been OCR’d to a searchable text document:

There’s a preview of what you’ll get below. If you find this resource useful, I’d appreciate it if you could buy me a coffee! It helps keep this website running. Thanks!

White Funnel Fleet Sailings 1965 Front
White Funnel Fleet Sailings 1965 Back
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