Day 28: Tiredness and Touchstones

Posted by on Jul 26, 2007 in Meditation | No Comments

I’m starting to realise that meditation is a fine touchstone for your state of mind. I think previously I’d have known I was a bit tired on some mornings, but then I’d have dragged myself through the shower and poured caffeine down my throat until I didn’t notice it any more.

This morning, the meditation certainly allowed me to notice how tired I was. A scattered mind, with particularly ironic interruptions this morning — not least of which was Adult Net’s Tomorrow Morning’s Daydream on repeat in my brain. I haven’t played this track for years; it was surely picked by my subconscious for its comedy value.

What’s important in the future, though, is for me to pay heed to this warning sign and be a bit more careful during the tired days. If I can’t go back to sleep (feh! Who’d work for a living?) then I need to guard my words a bit, consider my responses. I think I was a bit abrupt today, and I certainly wasn’t very cheerful. I wouldn’t want to be artificially cheerful, but I may need to plan my work so I don’t come into contact with as many people, for example. Tired days are not days to talk contentious things through with anyone important.

Not that anything particularly terrible happened today, it’s just that I want to recognise and note down this learning experience.

Anyway. That’s enough for this evening. Updates may be few and far between over the next few days, as I’ve got a very busy weekend coming up.

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