Day 29: Am I making progress?

Posted by on Jul 27, 2007 in Meditation | No Comments

This is a necessarily brief update from my desk at work during the last few minutes of my lunchtime. This morning I did sit down and I did try to meditate, but I’m not sure I achieved anything.  And as I sit here at Day 29 I’m aware that it’s now been nearly a month since I started.  I think I should do a monthly review soon, and see if I can see progress, or the lack of it.  And, if there seems to be a lack of progress, whether I should plough on for another month, and if so what changes I should make in my practice.

Also in scope for the monthly review will be a review of how I’m doing with writing, and what plans I have to improve that side of things, too.

But that’s for a day with more time.  Today suffice it to say that I’m moderately tired, that my mind doesn’t feel particularly focused, and that I’ve got a lot of driving to do this evening which I’m not particularly looking forward to.  And while I think “driving meditation” could work, that today probably isn’t the day to try it…

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