Low-Energy Days

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Low-Energy Days

Some days, I wake up and I cannot brain. This is often accompanied by lethargy and and desire to eat many carbohydrates. No, it’s not always coincident with drinking the night before.

I have a trick for days like this, so that I can at least feel like I’ve done something, even if I’m not up to programming. I have a “Low-Energy Days” task list in OmniFocus. It’s a random selection of tasks that don’t require that much energy or thinking, but can keep me occupied. I fill it up on normal days when I notice some chore or other that needs doing but won’t require much thought or pizazz.

Here’s some examples:

  • Prune the ivy in the back yard.
  • Sew that button back on your jacket.
  • Clean out the bathroom cabinet.
  • Tidy that rat’s nest of cables under your desk.

Yes, these are dull things. That’s the point: if they were interesting, I’d voluntarily do them on normal days.

Keeping a list of them is the vital thing, I find. It’s like my tired, lethargic self is given a present by my earlier, awake, optimistic self. “Here! Sorry you’re feeling crappy, but one of these things might be a good distraction, and at least you’ll have done something today.”

I’ll leave you with the pictures of what happened a week or so back when I decided that “Tidy that rat’s nest of cables under your desk” would be a good one. As with many jobs, once I got into it, the job sort of expanded and before I knew it I was doing a little DIY…

Rat's Nest IKEA cable tray Label Printer Label Collecting the crap Workmate Glue Curing Clamp Magnetic Catch Tidy I Tidy II
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