Missing the Boat

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The stern of a boat passing out of the frame, Bristol harbour

29/30 in my September photo-a-day.

At the weekend I was admiring the excellent crop on the cover photo of a book — the Penguin Classics version of The Way By Swann’s (pretentious, moi?)

It’s a great example of the way a crop can turn an otherwise fairly straightforward photo into something more — adding tension, and emotion. The original picture is from the Alinari Archives (“Count Della Gherardesca next to a carriage”, ca. 1900.) Okay, the Count is quite striking, but I applaud the Penguin designer for the artful crop of this image: the Count hard up against one edge, counterposed to the back end of the horse on the opposite side, and the headless coachman…

Anyway. All this is to say that perhaps I had that in mind when I snapped today’s photo, and that I might be trying to be a bit more experimental with my framing for the next little while, just to see what I can add to my photography that way.

Bonus pic: I can’t resist a sign, of course, and well-known Bristol “cat pub” the Bag of Nails’ sign by the harbourside today has a nice touch: the stylised kitty/letter “o” in the header. Nice one.

Pub sign for the Bag of Nails, Bristol, with a stylised cat making up part of the letter "o" in the word "of"

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