7 Jul 2007

Day Nine: The afterimage of a candle flame

I’m writing this immediately after my session, unusually, with the afterimage of the candle flame on my retinae. I’m doing my blogging now because (a) it’s the weekend, so I don’t have to dash off to work, and (b) because I’m off to a wedding later, so I won’t have any time to do it […]

6 Jul 2007

Day Eight: Flicker

A brief flicker of… something, during this morning’s session. I had a minute or two when I thought I was getting the hang of it, really focusing on the flame. I felt some determination, some gumption for a while, to concentrate on the tip of this damn candle, no matter what. However, that drifted off […]

5 Jul 2007

Day Seven: Same mind, different day.

In a strange turnabout from the past couple of days, last night I didn’t sleep very well, and kept on waking up and not drifting off again for ages. I also had yet another struggle getting out of bed — I wonder if there’s an unconscious desire not to get up and get on with my changed […]

4 Jul 2007

Day Six: Still a Sleepyhead

I went to bed early last night, and I think I slept fairly well. But yet again I woke up this morning tired and really struggling to get out of bed. Oddly, it’s twenty past ten in the evening now — I’ve just got in from my novel-writing class — and I feel quite awake. I’m going to take […]

3 Jul 2007

Day Five: Tired as a Tired Thing

Ugh. So, I went to bed earlier than usual tonight, and had trouble this morning dragging myself out of an odd dream (involving a hotel room, like the last time, but this one was about the battle for a contract between two rival mobile phone companies. I’ve probably been exposed to too much iPhone hype […]